12 Day Cleanse Program

Group Program: closed

Missed out? Don’t stress you can complete the exact same program in your own time by registering below:

 This program is the ultimate guide to thrive this Winter! It is all about focusing on the right foods, portion sizes and lifestyle factors that are best for your body at this time of year. Think porridge, soups, curries, spices, nourishing tea's and long soothing baths...need I say more?

The main goal of this 12 day cleanse is to:

  • cleanse and support your digestive organs (goodbye bloating, stomach pains and low energy)

  • reach peak immunity condition (catch ya never flu and fever)

  • maintain that inner wellness glow (no more dull, dry and baggy eyed mirror reflections)

  • combat winter weight gain (yes, those jeans can fit!)

What is involved:

  • 12 Day eating plan listing exactly what to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

  • All recipes from the eating plan which are seasonal with a focus on foods high in anti-oxidants, fibre, protein and anti-inflammation properties.

  • Each recipe is whole food based, gluten free and refined sugar free. (vegetarian options available).

  • Additional information/education about why certain foods, meals and cooking methods are recommended.

What is the cost:

$40.00 AU

How do I get access to the program:

You will receive a digital download link where you can find everything you need to know with access to a login page on this website where you can view and download all of the information for the program.

Some of the meals you will be eating on the program: 

These recipes are amazing! Quick, easy and totally delicious. My fussy family loved them, thank you!.
Jess M