What is Body Good Food?

As co-owner and Nutritionist of Linked- Training and Nutrition in Sandringham, Melbourne, I was so inspired at the number of people who have literally turned their lives around when I encouraged them to transform their diet. The feedback was amazing with members saying they are sleeping like a baby, their bad temper has disappeared, they no longer feel guilty about eating certain foods, they had to go and get a new warddrobe of clothes to fit them, and best of all, their entire families are loving the new meals too.

It made me realise that more people needed to experience the powerful effects of nutrition and realise how just eating food that is good for the body can make a significant difference to someone's life. With all of the confusion out there today about what's right and wrong when it comes to eating, I created Body Good Food as a space to share my holistic approach to nutrition and bring back balanced and happy relationships with food and our bodies. 

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