Wedding Prep Wrap Up

UPDATE: Our wedding was on December 1st and Melbourne put on the most glorious 30 degree sunny day for our garden ceremony followed by reception with sunset drinks on a decking over looking Albert Park Lake, before a buzzing dance floor late into the night. Nothing will ever compare to the amount of love we received that day and thank you to each and every one of you for reading these posts and for all the love and well wishes sent our way.

Dress: Rue De Seine
Veil: The Bridal Atelier
Make-up: Kitty from Sobo Studio
Hair: Kirby from House of Hoxton
Florals: Lulu Bird
Styling: Styled Event Hire
Photography: The White Tree


If you’ve been following my wedding prep journey and have read part I, part II and part III you will be aware of the ups and downs along the way but I can honestly say I am definitely feeling very close to, if not the best I have ever felt. It’s hard to believe that this journey is coming to an end already. I have always been very balanced with my approach to healthy living but have enjoyed the challenge of monitoring my skincare, eating and exercise a bit more closely and seeing what results can be achieved. However I do also look forward to bringing back a bit more balance post wedding!

StephWearne_Headshots 66.jpg

In terms of results I definitely feel I have a glowing and smooth complexion (more about my skin below). My stomach is now much flatter after dealing with the parasite and bloating issues and my abs have decided to come out and join the party. I’m certainly not the fittest I’ve ever been but have noticed my arms, legs and glutes have more definition. In terms of weight loss I actually have no idea as I don’t own scales so haven’t weighed myself, but I would guess 3, maximum 4 kilos. All in all very happy with my progress and here’s some more details below for the final week of my wedding prep:


My skin is where I have seen the most improvement in the past few months. I suffered from regular bouts of dermatitis and no cream, treatment or stress management regime was clearing it up. My integrative GP put me on a zinc supplement as well as evening primrose oil and I started taking a new 100% organic wholefood vitamin called Hair, Skin & Nails from The Natural Vitamin Co. I was using aspect moisturiser however noticed it was stinging so I swapped to Eco By Sonya Driver Coconut Body Milk. It is certified organic and all the ingredients are natural so I thought it might be more soothing for my skin.

After two-three weeks my dermatitis completely cleared! Not even any more dry skin on my eyelids which I had had for months on end. My skin is so smooth and I also couldn’t tell you the last time I had a break out. (Note: I am not getting paid to write this, it is 100% the honest truth, I could hardly believe it myself!). When I looked more into the ingredients in the product I saw that aloe vera is one of the main ingredients and I know that has been used to treat psoriasis so perhaps that is part of the science behind but regardless my skin just seems to respond really well to her products. I have since swapped all of my skincare over to her products and am loving them! I have finished with dermapen treatments and will have one last lactobotanical peel this week before the wedding.

I can’t forget the fact that my diet has also been very clean and full of skin health promoting foods like plenty of water, healthy fats, LOADS of vegetables, bone broth, collagen powder and a probiotic so I know that these have also significantly contributed to the improvement in my skin too.


The basis of my diet has pretty much been how many veggies can I pack in during a day! I have kept off gluten and dairy since my 21 Day Detox also.

At least half of every meal, breakfast (3-4 days per week), lunch and dinner always half a plate or more of vegetables complemented by smaller amounts of quality protein, healthy fats and depending on my exercise for the day, complex carbs. Most meals will be drizzled in extra virgin olive oil and one meal for the day served with some fermented veggies. Meals vary between raw salad, cooked salads, broths and soups and cooked meals.

I have made a concerted effort to drink at least 2L of water per day but probably get closer to 2.5 -3L with all of my herbal tea. If my schedule allows for it I generally eat breakfast mid morning to extend my overnight fast unless I am busy with work or if I have done a strength session then I eat straight after my workout. I snack on 1-2 pieces of 90% dark chocolate each afternoon and have had limited alcohol however have enjoyed 1-2 drinks on the odd occasion.

This final week I am doing much the same, keeping meals light but satisfying and nutrient dense and plenty of water is a big priority!

Obviously this will sound very strict (or elaborate as the Daily Mail put it haha) to some but it’s not a huge change to my usual diet so it was quite easy for me to incorporate all of these things naturally without becoming obsessed about it. This is key for a bride because extra stress is the last thing you need!


As previously discussed my body needed a bit more nurturing as opposed to extreme HIIT sessions for a while there so although I have gradually been able to up the volume of my training the intensity has not been extremely high. I’ve mixed it up between running, pilates, boxing and strength sessions. This week I am actually taking it fairly easy and trying not to do too many really early mornings because I definitely don’t want to be looking tired or exhausted by Saturday. I’m sleeping in and then doing light runs or pilates. It’s very interesting to note that I have achieved all of my goals doing less exercise than I usually would so it goes to show that diet really does play the biggest role.

Thanks for following my wedding prep journey and I hope it has inspired other brides to incorporate a thing or two from my journey but most importantly listen to their body and find what works for them :)