Wedding Prep Phase III

I‘m not sure where the time has gone but wedding prep is definitely at the pointy end now with only three and a half weeks to go! In case you missed phase I or the update since phase II, a few weeks ago I received good news from GP. My adrenal test came in with positive results and my body had benefited greatly from the 10-12 weeks of rest and rejuvenation that I gave it. Since then I have eased back into exercise by adding 1 x weekly high intensity session per month but still need to give my body rest when it needs it. I am feeling 100 times better but am very aware of listening to my body and adjusting my schedule when needed.

In regards to my goals for the wedding I feel like I am on track. My skin is better than it has ever been before (I will do a separate blog post about this in a couple of weeks as I’ve never been one to have great skin but am so thrilled with the results!), my digestive symptoms from the parasite and associated dysbiosis have significantly reduced which means no more bloating, and although I’ve been limited with exercise I can definitely see some results from targeting what I have been able to do to the areas I wanted to work on.

I have just finished my 21 Day Detox and as always, I’m blown away how incredible I feel after it. The detox means no sugar, caffeine, alcohol or gluten but instead a diet extremely rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre, antioxidants, polyphenols and complemented with quality protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates. The detox isn’t a drastic change from my usual diet but I do benefit from absolutely no alcohol, gluten and sugar as well as the large volume of water and detox herbal tea. Although I’m feeling amazing one of the best benefits of the program is the quality of sleep you get - I am one to get an over active mind as soon as my head hits the pillow but even with wedding planning going on I am falling asleep within no time, and this happens to me every time I do the detox.

Now that the 21 days are over I will still follow the guidelines quite closely in that I will be limiting coffee (I don’t drink it anyway so that’s easy), alcohol (except for my hens party this weekend :P ) and sugar. I will also avoid gluten and will only add a little bit of goats dairy back into my diet just to keep my digestive system happy. A typical day for me over the next couple of weeks will look like this:

Breakfast: smoothie (spinach, 1/4 mango or 1/2 banana, coconut milk or coconut water and hemp protein), scrambled eggs with greens, mushrooms and depending on training that day maybe some sweet potato, or yoghurt with berries and walnuts. Some days I have my breakfast mid-morning to extend my overnight fast but I’m not strict with this and don’t do it on days my body needs the fuel after exercise.

Lunch and dinner: chicken/fish/eggs/tempeh/lamb with salad or cooked veggies plus some fermented veggies or a bone broth with chicken/fish green veggies and mushrooms (again depending on training day maybe buckwheat/brown rice noodles or brown rice). I always add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and usually some avocado, nuts or seeds for healthy fats.

Snacks: I don’t snack in the morning but in the afternoon it might be a handful of almonds or a piece of dark chocolate plus plenty of herbal tea during the day and I add collagen to one of my tea’s per day which is like a snack as it contains protein.

My training has ramped up in terms of volume but I am keeping the intensity under control so I don’t push too hard - it might sounds like a lot to some but is definitely not at a level I have trained at in the past. I am comfortable with the fact that I won’t be at my absolute fittest for my wedding as it’s more important to me that I listen to my body and don’t burn out before the big day. This is my routine for phase III (which by the way is the four weeks out from the wedding):

Monday: AM 40 minute Interval run session / PM mat pilates
Tuesday: AM 45 minute HIIT cardio at my gym Linked - Training & Nutrition
Wednesday: AM 5km run mixed with sprints, chin ups and ab holds at the park / PM bare pilates
Thursday: AM 45 minute strength session at Linked - Training & Nutrition
Friday: AM a run that mixes up between sprints, stairs or a slow run / PM mat pilates
Saturday: 45 minute 1:1 PT focusing on glutes followed by a boxing session with my bridesmaids
Sunday: rest, yoga or a slow run.
* I aim for this full routine each week but if my body feels tired I do not hesitate to throw in a rest day or two.

Stress management is always something that is very important for me but especially in these final few weeks. So far I have absolutely loved the wedding planning journey and haven’t felt stressed at all, just pure excitement for the big day. However I know things can quickly become overwhelming as the day gets closer so I have reduced my work schedule, have started delegating tasks, am making sure I am organised and will use meditation as often as I can.

As you are probably thinking, this is quite a strict routine but in contrast to my usual philosophy on nutrition and exercise which is that is should be something you can maintain forever, this plan is designed to have me feeling confident and amazing on my wedding day, knowing that I will happily go back to having a bit more balance in there when it’s over.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my wedding prep series and I’ll be back with an update just before the big day.

*Please note that this article is not to prescribe any skincare, diet or exercise recommendations for others. I know my body very well and know what it responds to best and how much it can handle and that can be different for everyone!