Resident Nutritionist for The Natural Vitamin Co

I am super excited to finally announce this news…I am taking on a new role as Resident Nutritionist for The Natural Vitamin Co. Alongside ambassadors Stephanie Gilmore and Sam Wood I’m looking forward to spreading the word about vitamins that come from the garden not the lab!

When I was first approached by this company and did a thorough examination of their products, I was so fascinated at the world of vitamin supplements and shocked at how few companies actually provide quality products that aren’t synthetic….alas, I decided I wanted to support this Australian owned and operated business to share the message that their products are second to none.

I am all about using wholefoods first in your diet and this will always be my recommendation, however a study in 2016 revealed that nearly half the Australian population (44.2%) take vitamins, minerals or supplements. I also know there are a times in life when healthy eating can be compromised and our diet could do with a nutritional boost, so a vitamin supplement could be beneficial. Due to the alarming number of people that are taking vitamins I feel that education about the quality of these supplements is definitely something we need to consider and I am excited to be able share this information with you so that you can make informed choices about your supplements.

Most of us these days are now questioning our food and asking what is in it and where it comes from, but when it comes to vitamins, do you ask the same questions? If you did you might be shocked to find that the answer will almost always be that it contains synthetic ingredients and comes from a laboratory.

Sounds bizarre right? The reason we take vitamins is to get a concentrated source of what we should get from food, whether it’s because you don’t eat enough healthy food or because you want an extra boost in nutrition. So why are vitamin supplements synthetically produced in a lab? Firstly because it can be cheaper way to manufacture the product, and secondly because they have the ability to extract the most active compound of a food in isolation (or synthetically mimic this compound!). In theory this means the product will be more effective because it is providing a therapeutic dose of this active compound.

However, let’s think about the way vitamins occur in nature. They don’t occur as an isolated ingredient but rather as a complex of different components including transporters and co-factors such as other vitamins, enzymes and minerals which allow the body to recognise and metabolise the vitamins for their most nutritive effect. Although synthetic forms might be chemically identical, they lack the complex of components that natural vitamins contain which makes us question if they are even recognised or metabolised in the same way. 

More than 95% of all vitamins sold today are synthetic and vitamins can be labelled as ‘natural’ if they contain as little as 10% natural ingredients – meaning the product can be 90% synthetic but still labelled as natural!. When you think about basic nutrition advice that is given today, Nutritionists and Dieticians are always recommending to avoid preservatives, additives and other chemicals in our food. So it makes sense that we should be just as wary of synthetic ingredients in our vitamins.

Authorities in the nutrition world have very mixed opinions regarding the efficacy of synthetic vitamins and the long term effects these may have on our health are not clearly understood. I’m not advising against quality brands that provide therapeutic doses of vitamins for treatment purposes, but when it comes to vitamins for preventative measures and to add a nutritional boost to your diet it makes sense to opt for vitamins that are natural so they can exert their nutritive effects as they do when they occur in nature. This is 100% safe and will ensure that only natural wholefoods are going into your body without the uncertainty of any synthetic ingredients.

This is why I love The Natural Vitamin Co. Their products are made from 100% organic fruits and vegetables without the use of any chemicals or synthetic ingredients. They don’t use any solvents, alcohols or heat to extract their ingredients, it’s done by water and a drying process only so this maximises the quality of the ingredients and retains optimal nutrient bio-availability.

So whether you’re going through a period where your diet needs an additional boost of vitamins or you're currently taking vitamins as a preventative measure for general health, I encourage you to question what is in your supplement and where it comes from, because at The Natural Vitamin Co it’s all about coming from the garden not the lab!