Foodie Feature: Lucy Wearne

Steph chats to some of her favourite inspirational foodies and friends about all things nutrition - from how they stay balanced to their favourite indulgence and their best health hack to keep things quick and easy.

This month Steph chats with…

Lucy Wearne


Lucy is a PR Guru, a Fit Mumma and Steph's Sister in-Law!
Find her on insta @bylw_communications

How would you describe your diet?

Healthy but not restrictive. I LOVE food and could never cut entire food groups out (luckily I don’t have an intolerance to anything), but I am also naturally drawn to healthy nutritious options. Nothing is ‘off limits’ in my diet, unless it is really processed or full of sugar.

What is your idea of balance?

When it comes to balance with nutrition, I like to try and always choose the healthiest option where possible, but also know that it would be a very boring life to be perfect all the time! It’s ok to relax and indulge a little sometimes. I have also accepted that there are some things in my diet that may not be the best thing for me (like coffee, chocolate and wine), but I love them and they make me happy 

Why is it important to you to eat healthy?

I have a natural interest in food and nutrition and love experimenting and trying new recipes, but I also genuinely feel so much better when I eat healthy. I love that the health industry is growing so rapidly and there are so many delicious healthy options available now, that there is no real need to eat junk!

What’s a typical day on your plate?

I always start the day with hot water, lemon and apple cider vinegar, then I have a strong latte and green smoothie for breakfast.

Mid-morning I would usually have a small snack of nuts or zucchini loaf and a herbal tea.

Lunch is usually left overs, or a roast veggie salad with tuna, goats cheese, or a homous and salad mountain bread wrap and usually another coffee to get me through the arvo!

Mid-afternoon I will have a homemade protein ball and herbal tea

Dinner at the moment now the weather is cold is usually a healthy curry, fish and veggies, Mexican bowls or chicken pesto pasta- pretty much anything on the Body Good Food website!

Always Lindt 90% and dandelion tea before bed 

What are three ingredients you won’t leave the grocery store without?


Dark chocolate


Every foodie has a favourite indulgence that keeps them balanced, what’s yours?

Definitely chocolate…….or in summer I love a little ice cream after dinner. And coffee and wine, but as a mumma of a 11 month old…. I don’t really think that is an indulgent…more a necessity!

What is your best health hack or tip when it comes to making healthy eating easy?

Definitely being organised helps a lot. I try to plan my meals out on a Sunday and then shop so everything is there and ready to go. With a young baby I also find I am home for lunch a lot now also and it is hard to spend much time making lunch or breakfast, so I try to have everything in the fridge ready to go….if I am really organised I will have fruit and veg already cut up. I also carry healthy snacks everywhere, to avoid having to buy something naughty when if I am hungry out and about.

Which do you prefer?

Breakfast or dinner? Dinner…

Sweet or savoury? Savoury (besides chocolate)

Eating at the dining table or couch? Would love to say dining table, but it is couch at the moment in front of the fire!

Asian or Mexican? Oohh tough! Mexican

Wine or kombucha? If I had to pick one. Wine.

Cook or clean? Cook!!