Foodie Feature: Dr Tim Crowe

Steph chats to some of her favourite inspirational foodies and friends about all things nutrition - from how they stay balanced to their favourite indulgence and their best health hack to keep things quick and easy.

This month Steph chats with....  

Dr Tim Crowe


Accredited Practicing Dietitian, University Nutrition Lecturer & Researcher.
Find him on insta @doctomcrowe

How would you describe your diet?

With a career in nutrition research, I’ve arrived at the happy place knowing that it is dietary patterns that matter the most to long-term health rather than the presence or absence of specific foods. For that reason, I just focus on the core basics of eating mostly plant-based foods, not eating a lot of highly processed foods and added sugar and enjoy the foods I eat based mostly on taste. You’ll see plenty of fruits, vegetables, wholegrains and nuts along with dairy and some meat in my diet – pretty much ticking all the key areas of dietary guidelines! Being an active runner, food is an important source of fuel and I appreciate how eating healthy makes me feel and perform so that gives extra motivation to keeping on the path.


What is your idea of balance?

Living a balanced life to me is taking care of the core basics of your physical, mental and emotional health and seeing how they are interconnected and supporting this with good foods, good friends and a good community around you. Food plays an important part here and food choices are more than the sum of nutrients they contain. There are core foods that should be a feature of any diet and here it is plant-based foods that rise to the top. Getting the basics right means you can worry less about anything else you eat and enjoy food for the pleasure it can give.


Why is it important to you to eat healthy?

Our diet has one the biggest impacts on our long-term health. Many chronic diseases including heart disease, cancer and even mental health can be traced back in part to our long-term diet so what I put in my mouth is always down to my choices.


What’s a typical day on your plate?

Breakfast is typically muesli, regular milk and fruit. Lots of snacks during the day of nuts and dried fruit. Lunch is typically a small meal or just a sandwich. Dinner is the biggest meal of the day as it just ‘works’ for me that way. Rice, pasta, chicken, meat, vegetables – all pretty standard fare!


What are three ingredients you won’t leave the grocery store without?

Favourite foods are peanut butter, blueberries and almonds so always well stocked with these.


Every foodie has a favourite indulgence that keeps them balanced, what’s yours?

Ice cream. Choc mint especially.


What is your best health hack or tip when it comes to making healthy eating easy?

Make plant-based foods the core of your diet and choose them based on their colour. The more colours, the greater the variety of beneficial nutrients in them.


Which do you prefer?

Breakfast or dinner? Dinner

Sweet or savoury? Sweet

Eating at the dining table or couch? Couch

Asian or Mexican? Asian

Wine or kombucha? Wine

Cook or clean? Clean