Saturday 28th July

9:30am - 1:30pm (Edithvale, address supplied upon registration)

Weekly I receive lovely emails from studying or newly graduated nutritionists asking to gain work experience with me. I love hearing from these passionate foodies and as much I would love to accept them all, unfortunately I just can't take on everyone! This overwhelming interest in the industry and to learn more about my journey is what sparked the idea to create an 'Intern Day’. 

I would like to invite aspiring or newly qualified Nutritionists to come along for a day to gain an insight into the work I do, the study I did, how I run my business and what I have learnt along the way. 

We will spend a day together creating content, recipe planning, cooking, taste testing, and photographing our food. We will also chat through all things things nutrition and business, including: avenues of work, set up, signing clients and building a team. 

My career started off as a part-time nutritionist in my local gym and has since led to me opening my first business, Linked - Training & Nutrition, and now running my second business, Body Good Food, full time. I left uni with the idea of working 1:1 with clients to improve their diet, but soon realised I wasn't as passionate about that as I was being in the kitchen and creating healthy food that will inspire and educate many people. So, I set out to create a career out of what I loved and am now creating cafe menu's, writing recipes for celebrities recipe books, including Sally Fitzgibbons and Tim Robards. I am also working with food companies all across the globe, and earlier this year I was offered the position as Head of Nutrition at 28 By Sam Wood which is one of the largest online fitness and nutrition programs in Australia.

There is so much to learn in the field of nutrition and I want to give others the inspiration and motivation to know they too can create a career in nutrition doing what they love. So come and join me for a day where I can share with you all the valuable lessons I wish someone had shared with me when I was at the early stages of my career.  

Please note: places are limited so get in quick!