Information Night

Six experts in nutrition give their advice for a successful career.

  • Steph Wearne: Registered Nutritionist & Recipe Developer

  • Laura Ford: Dietitian for Jenny Craig

  • Luke Daley: Registered Nutritionist & Workshop Expert

  • Emily Commerford: Sports Dietitian

  • Elise Grauer: Naturopath & Nutritionist

  • Alana Plymin: Technical Manager (Food Industry)

Wednesday 5th June 2019
7:00pm - 9:00pm
The Beatt Cafe & Wellness Hub (24 Beatty Ave, Armadale 3143)
Tickets: $50 (includes entry, herbal tea and a healthy treat)

Who is this event for: Anyone studying, newly graduated or aspiring to work in the field of nutrition and dietetics.

Weekly I receive lovely emails or direct messages from studying or newly graduated nutritionists asking to pick my brain about my work and other nutrition career options. I love hearing from these passionate foodies and as much I would love sit down one on one with everyone, unfortunately I just don’t have the time!

There is so much to learn in the field of nutrition and so many career pathways that I have hand selected the guest speakers that are experts in the field for you to hear what they do, how they got there and what they recommend you do for a successful career in that area. We are going to be sharing all the valuable lessons we wish someone had shared with us when we were at the early stages of our careers.   

Please note: places are limited so get in quick!