You may have heard of my popular 21 Day Detox Program which I run in the Spring and Summer (although you can sign-up year round if you wish) and has over 100 incredible testimonials. However in the Winter our bodies thrive better off more warming and nourishing meals so during the colder months I run my 12 Day Cleanse which has just as many raving reviews but is less comprehensive than the Detox Program.

I am also available to create and run private programs for business's, fitness and well being studios and social groups so if you are interested in having a specialised program designed for your workplace, studio or a group of friends please get in touch.  

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21 Day Detox

"I cannot recommend this (Detox Program) highly enough! Amazing meals, with constant group and personal support. The program helped me better understand how my body reacts to certain foods and help me choose to continue to limit certain foods in my diet and therefore eliminate bloating and tiredness. Sometimes I can't resist the fresh bread roll but now I am at least aware of how I will feel after rather than always living with a sluggishness. My skin glowed, my eyes were whiter and I slept like an angel. If you only do one thing for yourself this year - choose this!"
Emma Nicholl

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12 Day Cleanse

"Your program changed our lives, physically and mentally. It has shown us it is never too late to change old habits and embrace good healthy food, even in middle age! We have really enjoyed the meals and you have inspired me to throw out half of the ingredients in my pantry and continue with clean eating - not to mention we also need new wardrobes!"
Cathy Fairbanks