Recipe Development

I specialise in recipe development to create meals that are balanced on a nutritional level, focused on seasonal produce and are full of flavours and textures. Recipes can be designed and tailored to highlight particular produce, ingredients, methods or flavours according to the goal of the client.

"We partnered with Steph for recipe development on two cookbook projects: The 721 Plan for Tim Robards and Summer Fit All Year Round for Sally Fitzgibbons. Steph has an incredible ability to balance creativity with common sense, creating recipes that taste amazing and are easily sourced. She skilfully incorporates a range of flavours and spices to introduce readers to new tastes – a vital ingredient in maintaining any healthy eating plan. For Summer Fit, Steph crafted a four-week meal plan with weekly shopping lists designed for maximum cost efficiency without compromising on variety. The end result was better than we could ever have imagined! Steph has a holistic understanding and genuine empathy for what readers need creates recipes that tick all the boxes: maximum taste, reasonable cost and minimal prep time. Her professionalism and worth ethic is also second-to-none. Steph was an invaluable asset to both our projects and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. I hope we get the chance to work together in future!"

Gretchen Walker - Creative Director at Fitzgibbons International.  

Menu Development

With more people becoming health conscious these days there is a demand for food that not only tastes great but provides more nutritious value. I work with cafes and restaurants to bring better nutritional balance to their menu without compromising the enjoyment, flavours and popularity of meals. This provides a superior experience for customers, knowing they can eat at your venue and can also look after their health.

Food intolerance's and allergies are also becoming more important to customers and I can help re-design meals to cater for these requirements. I design meals and help you source products that are naturally free of the most common intolerances, as opposed to products that are intolerance friendly but full of fillers and additives. 

" We engaged Steph to help us design a menu for our new cafe venture, a wholefoods eatery in Sydney. The brief was to showcase the nutritional benefits of wholefoods and to hero seasonal fresh produce in an innovative menu that would appeal to everyone, both the health conscious and the skeptics. Steph nailed it. Customer feedback has been phenomenal. The dishes are both delicious and wholesome but not in a pushy kind of way! Thank you Steph for helping us spread the message around the benefits of eating food that's good for you but that also tastes good. Your knowledge and ongoing support has been invaluable. It was an absolute pleasure working with you and we look forward to continuing to work with you in future!"

Sophie & Mat Budzevski - Owners of Warren & Holt, Marrackville, Sydney.  

" I first met Steph when I was looking to redesign my menus and focus on some lighter and healthier options. Steph worked with us closely to develop dishes to suit our customers’ demands as well as introducing a smoothie and fresh pressed juice selection. The items we put on our menus were very well received and some were so popular they were hard to take off the menu. I found Steph to be very knowledgeable, easy to work with and added great value to my business."

Paul Raynor - Director at The Baths Middle Brighton, Melbourne.