School Seminars and Workshops

I am very passionate about spreading my nutrition knowledge to the younger generations as it's the habits they form at this age that will stick with them for life. Whether it be a seminar or workshop for students, parents, or both, it is important to get across the message about how to include the most nutritious foods in their diets and how to build a healthy relationship with food. With not only the problem of the obesity epidemic, but also the prevalence of eating disorders quickly rising, I offer a large range of topics to help educate children, and parents, about nutritious food that is best for the body.

As of 2016 I have teamed up with Metro Canteens who run over 100 school canteens across Australia to introduce a new 'Body Good Food' aspect to their canteen menu's. These lucky schools have a number of meals created and approved by myself available to them so that healthy food can become the norm at schools canteens.    

"Steph has presented on a number of occasions at Parkdale Secondary College receiving great reviews by students and teachers across all year levels, 7-12. Steph's presentations are extremely educational and engaging as she uses contemporary views on diet, health and nutrition aimed towards schools age children. I highly recommend her for all year levels on any topics explored in health and nutrition."
Kyle Pinto, Health & P.E Teacher, Parkdale Secondary College.