Seminars and Demonstrations

Available to workplaces, fitness studios, health centres or community groups.  


Steph will come to your workplace and engage your employees in an interactive session discussing any topic of choice (eg. mindful eating, the effects of sugar, meal planning, debunking food myths, nutrition for stress). You can also opt to include a cooking demonstration or food tasting for your employees to taste and/or learn how to make some of Steph's delicious food. 

Why should you provide this service to your employees? Studies show that your healthiest employees will be almost 3 times more productive than your unhealthiest employees and that sickness and absenteeism costs businesses an estimated $3741 per employee per year! Studies also show that when employee health and wellness is managed well in a business, the percentage of engaged employees increases from 7% to 55% and self-reported creativity and innovation increases from 20% to 72%. Not to mention that providing services to your employees focused on improving their health and wellness shows that you actually care about them and a bonus for you is that you can save up to $5.81 for every $1 invested in employee health and wellbeing.*     

Our staff found Steph’s presentation really insightful and each took away some nutrition tips they can apply to their days to improve their health and wellness. Steph’s passion towards wellness is great. Her knowledge around how stress can impact nutrition and different ways we can eat to help support stress was something we found really beneficial. After receiving such great feedback from staff, we have already booked Steph in for another presentation in our workplace and can’t wait to learn more from her. Chloe H, Office Manager, CBRE

Steph ran a cooking demonstration for our workplace – it was a relaxed setting but really informative. Steph was open to all questions and provided a tonne of advice and information! The items she demonstrated for us were super easy and delicious. Speaking with colleagues after the session, we all agreed we can’t wait to try them at home. Paige Z, Marketing Co-ordinator CBRE

The feedback from attendees has been overwhelming! We definitely got a lot of value out of the session and the salad and bliss balls were a huge hit.  Steph conducts the workshops extremely well – it contained very relevant information and she was extremely patient with all the questions, which she also answered extremely thoroughly. I would not hesitate to recommend Steph’s seminar to any corporate organisation looking to provide current health and wellbeing information to their staff in a relaxed and interactive environment. Michelle M, Executive Support Social & Economic Development - Yarra Ranges Council