21 Day Detox Program (Group) - starting March 25th

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Green Detox Salad00006.JPG

21 Day Detox Program (Group) - starting March 25th

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START DATE MONDAY MARCH 25th 2019 - registrations close 12:00pm Thursday March 21st.

New Detoxer (+ gift pack): $225
New Detoxer (no gift pack): $180
Returning Detoxer (+ gift pack): $150 (see note)
Returning Detoxer (no gift pack): $110 (see note)
NOTE: Returning Detoxer on applies for people who have previously completed the detox in 2019 (does not include those who have completed a detox between 2016-2018) .

Gift pack: highly recommended for best results. Includes a 500g tub Amazonia Raw Protein Powder, 75g Love Tea Detox Herbal Tea, 1 x Dry Skin Brushing Glove. Value: $50. This is only available to those in AUSTRALIA. If you live outside of Australia please contact Steph (steph@bodygoodfood.com.au) for a shipping quote before completing the registration.

Why do a detox? Toxins are unavoidable in our world today; air pollution, chemicals on non-organic food, medication, plastic, fabrics, skin care products and the list goes on. Detoxification occurs naturally in our body every day to combat these toxins but complete detoxification is a complex process and it's not as simple as 3 days of sipping on juice and cutting out major food groups. It's one thing to eliminate certain foods and habits to draw the toxins out, but there are essential factors needed to allow the biochemical processes to package and remove these toxins from the body. 

That is where this program is different! Steph will guide you every step of the way to successfully complete phase 1 (detoxification) and phase 2 (elimination) to ensure the full detox process is achieved. The program includes all of the essential nutrients, exercises, activities and products to ensure that toxins are successfully eliminated and are not left lurking around in your body.This is done with weekly meal plans, recipes, workouts, recommended detox habits and a gift pack of protein powder and herbal tea (valued at $50.00). 

This program is not only run by a qualified Nutritionist who completes this exact detox herself, but it is one of the most comprehensive programs available and this is why it has achieved such incredible results!