21 Day Detox Program

Solo Detoxer:
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Completing the detox solo simply means you can sign-up and start any date you like* instead of completing the program at the same time as Steph and a group. You still receive exactly the same program however the daily support is delivered via email instead of the private Facebook group.
*you must allow 7 days between registering and starting your program.   

Group Program:
October 15th 2018

Steph is getting married in December and naturally, as part of her preparation to look, but most importantly feel her best, she will be completing her detox program and you can do it alongside her! Follow her step by step through the program, hearing from her daily and you too can be looking and feeling your best...wedding or not who doesn't want that!? 

"I cannot recommend this highly enough! Amazing meals, with constant group and personal support.  My skin glowed, my eyes were whiter and I slept like an angel. If you only do one thing for yourself this year - choose this."  

Emma Nicholl (previous detoxer)



Why do a detox? Toxins are unavoidable in our world today; air pollution, chemicals on non-organic food, medication, plastic, fabrics, skin care products and the list goes on. Detoxification occurs naturally in our body every day to combat these toxins but complete detoxification is a complex process and it's not as simple as 3 days of sipping on juice and cutting out major food groups. It's one thing to eliminate certain foods and habits to draw the toxins out, but there are essential factors needed to allow the biochemical processes to package and remove these toxins from the body. 

That is where this program is different! Steph will guide you every step of the way to successfully complete phase 1 (detoxification) and phase 2 (elimination) to ensure the full detox process is achieved. The program includes all of the essential nutrients, exercises, activities and products to ensure that toxins are successfully eliminated and are not left lurking around in your body.This is done with weekly meal plans, recipes, workouts, recommended detox habits and a gift pack of protein powder and herbal tea (valued at $50.00). 

 Zucchetti Meatballs - recipe from phase II

Zucchetti Meatballs - recipe from phase II

This program is not only run by a qualified Nutritionist who completes this exact detox herself, but it is one of the most comprehensive programs available and this is why it has achieved such incredible results!


How the program works: This is an online program. Your gift pack will be mailed to you and all other information for the program is sent via email with a login area on this website to access all information you need. 

 Super Greens Bowl - recipe phase I & II

Super Greens Bowl - recipe phase I & II


- New Detoxer: $198   
- Returning Detoxer: $110


 Harissa Baked Fish with Carrot Hummus - recipe phase I

Harissa Baked Fish with Carrot Hummus - recipe phase I




*This detox is not appropriate for those who are breastfeeding, pregnant or currently attempting to conceive. 

*If you live outside of Australia please contact Steph for a quote on shipping costs.  

Testimonials from previous participants:

"After the detox I just feel really healthy, I already ate well, but now I eat so much better - what you have created is fantastic! Plus my skin is glowing, I have lost 2.5kgs, have less bloating and much better bowel function! I loved the food, Steph's wealth of knowledge and how easy it was to stick to. Also, the gift pack you receive to start you off is very generous and a lovely touch. I would absolutely recommend this to others! The food was great, the plan easy to stick to and the fact that Steph is just an email away is fantastic."
Dani E, 45

"After the 21 days my sleep is deeper and I awake feeling more refreshed. Vitality is at an all time high and a new feeling of lightness. It has given me lots of new recipes and a better understanding of serving sizes and portions. Yes I would recommend the program to others because Steph's encouragement and clear instructions make this very doable."  
Kathryn G

"This is my second time doing this detox and although I am only a week in - my sleep has improved, I am calmer and my skin is clearer. My bloated stomach has gone and belly fat starting to reduce. I would definitely recommend this to others as the sleep quality is unbelievable."
Julie Walsh, 45

" My skin looks great, I lost 3.5kg and I didn't ever feel hungry. What I loved most about the program was the recipes. It was easy to follow and really practical if you are busy. I particularly liked the way leftovers were utilised for lunches and the preparation that could be done in advance."
Lee Anderson, 49

"After the 21 Days I have less joint pain, better sleep and more energy. The recipes were easy to follow and tasty so I never felt like I was missing out, was hungry or had a craving for specific food. I would definitely recommend this to others! It was not hard to follow and made you aware of what you eat. The daily support was interesting and helpful."
Yvonne Gunther

" This program has helped me become more in tune with my body.  My energy levels improved, in particular upon waking.  My digestion problems (bloating, cramping and general discomfort) were almost nonexistent and my mood generally felt more positive. The food was delicious and I have found a new love for cooking and experimenting."   
Candice Clancy, 41

" I absolutely loved your 21 day spring detox. I have learnt so much, and your product is brilliant. Amazing value, I didn’t expect to gain so much for so little. It has changed my life! I will definitely be recommending to anyone that will listen. Thank you, thank you, thank you." 
Rachel Jackson, 45

" One thing I have noticed from the detox is I have a lot more energy and feel better about myself. I also no longer crave sugar, which is a huge thing for me. I noticed in the first and second week that my skin cleared and was so smooth, which was amazing as I suffer from acne and I haven't had clear skin for years. If it wasn't for this program I wouldn't have been able to stop eating unhealthy food and lose any weight (4kg). I am finally happy with my appearance again and can see me sticking to this new life style from now on, I am going to continue this journey and get to where I want to be. I am going to tell all my friends to do it with me next round."
Saige Todd, 22

"I think this program is brilliant. I have tried many different things over the years and I have never enjoyed them or been able to maintain them or have even found that they have been very bad for me. This program is a winner. The price of the program is amazing and the box of goodies such a great idea. Can't express my gratitude to Steph for all the added communication and emails along the way in addition to the Facebook posts.Totally loved the program. Huge thank you Steph."
Susanne, 48

"I cannot recommend this highly enough! Amazing meals, with constant group and personal support. The program helped me better understand how my body reacts to certain foods and help me choose to continue to limit certain foods in my diet and therefore eliminate bloating and tiredness. Sometimes I can't resist the fresh bread roll but now I am at least aware of how I will feel after rather than always living with a sluggishness. My skin glowed, my eyes were whiter and I slept like an angel. If you only do one thing for yourself this year - choose this." 
Emma Nichol, 41

" The 21 day detox was one of the best things I have done not just to help lose some stubborn kilos, but also restore my health after a stressful time at work and preparing for my upcoming wedding. After one week my skin was glowing, I was sleeping better, my mood had improved and after 21 days I had never felt more amazing! The detox worked so well for me I have continued to incorporate parts of it in my day to day life."
Sarah Davidson, 28

I feel great, I'm full of energy, I'm sleeping better, my skin feels great and I've lost 3.5kgs! The whole family loved the recipes and I will continue to make them. I would recommend this program to others because it was great way to cleanse the body and start some new habits."
Mel White, 47 

" I am feeling amazing after this detox, I have so much more energy in the mornings and I am sleeping really well. I loved having everything planned for me and the food taste amazing! It's been a great way to get out of bad habits and continue new ones. Overall the program had great structure, the support was fabulous and the food was yummy. Thank you!"
Shaina Hilton, 26

" I feel so much better, I lost 4.6kgs on the scales but putting my old jeans back on was more of an indicator about how good I was feeling. I have more body confidence now and have been told my skin looks good. I loved following a plan and also loved the meals as did my husband! The program has made me realise how good I can feel, thank you!".
Nicole Fletcher, 34

" I have been really blown away with my whole body and mind after doing this detox. I'm not tired or bloated I have a different kind of energy. I will definitely keep up with many things I have changed. I have lost 3kg which has motivated me also. Thanks"  
Michelle Hunter, 51

"After 21 days on this detox I feel incredible. I have managed to shed that final 3kg I wanted to lose and my digestion is significantly better, with my stomach a lot more settled. Overall I am feeling very fresh and have a lot more energy. The structure of the eating plan in terms of when to eat what sort of meals was very helpful, it really helped me to cut out my 'mindless eating'. I would definitely recommend this to others as it was nowhere near as hard as I expected and with such a clearly set out program, it was very easy to follow." 
Luke McInnes, 27

" I am sooo pleased with the results! I lost 5 and half kgs and that was without doing much of the exercise due to a foot injury! I also have a lot more energy and my skin breakouts have gone! I honestly can't believe how much better I feel! It's hard to put my finger on it but I just feel so much more energetic and even noticed it in my mindset and thinking more clearly. It's just a great positive feeling all round so thank you!"
Monika Davies 46

"My health and wellbeing has improved from this detox through giving me more energy and not being reliant on tea or sugar to get me through the day. The recipes were great- I loved how if one recipe used spring onion, so did 2 others so there was no wastage. The results were also noticeable- people have commented on how much my hair and skin has improved. I definitely would recommend this to others (in fact I already have), because I thought it was very well run, Steph was extremely responsive, informative and helpful."
Anonymous Detoxer 36

" The biggest change I noticed from this detox was in relation to the amount of energy I have but it has also made a huge difference to my skin, digestion and clarity of thinking. I am waking up feeling refreshed after a good night's sleep and ready and raring to go each day! I loved the variety of meals and the simple alterations that could be made so that they were vegetarian. I also enjoyed reading the information that was provided on the Facebook group page. I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking to reinvigorate their diet and take stock of the foods they are putting into their body. Making some minor changes and being more aware of how certain foods and their additives make you feel can make a world of difference to your everyday life. I found the program really easy to follow and when I did dine out I felt I was able to make choices that were in line with the foods we were eating" 
Nicole Wearne 41

" The best thing about this program was my reduced anxiety (I stopped biting my fingernails!). It was also great that I lost the 2kg I was aiming for. I would absolutely recommend this program to others. It was a great opportunity to kick some old habits and really look at the affect stress and anxiety have on my overall health. "
Anonymous detoxer 38

" I feel like this detox has helped my health in every way really. I just felt ready to go all the time and the sleep thing has blown me away! Before I could easily stay awake reading a book till 1am, and then sometimes turn the light back on when I cant get to sleep. For the past 3 weeks all I had to do was close my eyes and I was out, I cant even remember trying to get to sleep. Once I was awake, (naturally without an alarm at 6am), I was wide awake and ready to go.I'm so happy with just how good I feel all the time now, lots of energy and no boated sluggish feeling. I have already recommended this to others because its proof that if you invest a little bit of time and effort into yourself you will feel so much better about yourself that you'll have more to give to all those that seem to suck the life out of you at times :)"
Yolanda Nolan 46

I feel amazing compared to how I was feeling prior to the detox - both physically and emotionally. I feel much happier with myself and have so much more energy. I love that it got me back on track in terms of taking the time to actually cook nutritious meals for myself and that there was constant support from actual people if needed. I would definitely recommend this to others. It was easy to follow, but also allowed some freedom in terms of the meals (as long as you stick to the 'rules'). There was constant support and it wasn't just about diet or exercise, but whole well being."
Anonymous detoxer 28

" After getting through the coffee/sugar withdrawals in the first couple of days I have felt fantastic - alert, bright eyed, calm and definitely more energy. I loved trying new foods and testing myself without coffee and alcohol. I have already recommended this program to others as it was well constructed, well run, and good value for money."
Susan Ferrier 51

" After the detox I feel as if I can get out of bed easier in the morning and I feel better about my body especially as I have lost a few cm around my waist and a few kg on the scales. Prior to the program my biggest weakness was sugar and now I don't really have the desire to eat it at all. I loved the structured eating program as for once I have been able to pretty much stick to some kind of plan! Also the regular facebook posts addressing issues we might be experiencing which helped to keep me focused.  Now that I have experienced success I know that I will maintain many elements of the program as it really sets you on the road to a healthier lifestyle." 
Anonymous detoxer 50

" After this detox I am genuinely just feeling 'clearer', not with a blurgh, bloated feeling all the time. I've learned so much more about what healthy eating really is and how to bring that into my daily life, which is great.  The plan and meals were easy to follow - with 3 kids, I needed it to be! And the best thing is with the recommendations for post detox eating - it's sustainable...that's the key. This 21 day detox will be a great way to kick start a better approach for me long term as I head into my 40's. Thanks guys!"
Susan Ruddock" 40

" My energy levels have increased and I am sleeping better (a more restful sleep). My body feels lighter and my stomach has flattened considerably. I enjoyed the challenge and feel proud that I was able to stick to the program. The recipes are great and easy to make. I would definitely recommend this to others as the program guide is easy to follow. All the ingredients for the recipes are easily obtained which made the preparation simple and less time consuming. The support and guidelines were readily available which helped make the program much easier to stick to." 
Anonymous detoxer 53

" Sleep has been the main improvement for me. I don't wake up tired at all and getting to sleep is so quick and easy. Usually I would wake up most nights but haven't woken up at all during the detox. The food was also great - have found a new favorite smoothie! I would definitely recommend to others. Although it is challenging, there was a solution for every concern and question that came up so there was no reason not to stick with it. The improved sleep is amazing and makes a huge difference to day to day life."
Jacqui Jackson 48

" After this detox I am falling to sleep at a faster pace and the quality of sleep is better. I am not fluctuating between giddy and lethargy anymore, I don't get cravings and my nails are growing at a unusually higher rate. I have recommended this program to others already! Sharing the joy of feeling good is essential, too many people don't know what it feels like to live without sugar, alcohol and fast food, yet like me they deserve to feel as good as I do after this program. 21 days is the perfect time frame to stay disciplined and feel/see results."
Jo Adams 45

"My skin is amazing, I have had people telling me all the time and without the caffeine I was able to sleep much better - plus I loved the tea! I feel so good at the end of it. I had a couple of slip ups but got back on it straight away the next day and still had great results." 
Laura Eady, 30

" Most changes were with my energy levels, constant quality of sleep, clearer skin. I loved the the menu plan, having a more varied diet, and the amazing information and support. I would absolutely recommend this to others, as it is well organised and uses nourishing whole foods to detox which is very sustainable." 
Mel Hayes, 41

" This program has helped me to understand my relationship with food and what my body is requesting of me. I'm more energetic during the day and then very tired at night. My skin is a lot clearer and my digestive health has improved. I loved the structure and organisation it gave to my daily life. I loved learning new healthy balanced recipes. I especially loved the snacks and tea as a consistent part of my day. And I loved the support the Facebook group provided. I really enjoyed the nightly routine of dry brushing and foot soaks which I think improved my stress levels and gave me a really focused time out."
Chloe Hohneck, 27

" I feel lighter and have much more energy. What I loved most about the program is how good I feel mentally and in my overall well-being. I would definitely recommend this program to others to help understand the benefits of making the right choices with food, in particular limited processed foods and refined sugar."
Susan Harris, 42

" The program was very well structured and easy to follow. I loved having everything planned out for me and have really enjoyed some new healthy recipes that I will be repeating. I am sleeping more soundly and waking up with more positive energy to start the day. The added bonus of losing some stubborn kilos with my jeans fitting much more comfortably and my stomach looking flatter. I would definitely recommend this program. Thank you!"
Anna Wright, 55

" Most importantly for me the benefit from this program has been some weight loss which I did need. My skin has improved and I am feeling well and in control of my health and well being. I found the program easy to follow and easy to stick too and I loved that Steph kept us informed - loved the smoothies too!."
Di Mattingley, 56  


" The best results for me is that my stomach is not bloated all the time. I also felt like I coped better with all of my stresses and was more focused. I enjoyed giving my system a break and that you didn't have to follow every single meal plan just the general rules around it. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to kick start your metabolism and nourish your body. It's been really easy to follow, thank you."
Mel Henderson, 36  

"I've finally broken the back of some bad habits and recommitted to whole foods. I've shed a couple of kilos and generally feel great. I enjoyed the focus on healthy eating and the support and advice."
Liz Matthews, 52

" After this detox I feel mentally and emotionally more stable. I'm less stressed and have more clarity. Also less digestive issues. I loved the whole program, detox plan, recipes, guidance and support and the midas touch. I would recommend this to others looking for the complete detox experience, the program has been put together well with guidance and support as a bonus." 
Alisar Laz, 46

" I lost 5-6kgs from this detox. I now have higher energy levels and improved motivation. I found it great for providing a path to more sustainable weight loss and living a healthy life. We are looking to take on a number / many points from the program and adding them to our daily routine. The initial change is hard but it's worth it."
Phil Wickenden, 52

"After this detox I have more energy and I am happier in myself and overall I'm feeling healthier. I would recommend this to others as it gave me the nudge I needed, I will continue to live a clean diet going forward - thank you! "
Janet Smith


" This is my second time doing the detox and again I have bright eyes, regular and easy bowel movements and increased in energy. I loved the empowered way it made me feel about my food choices. Hell yes I would recommend this to others, have done and will keep doing! I had two weekends away and a girls lunch out and still kept to it, It's never the right time but it's even more so never the right time to be sick! Reset, understand your relationship and effects of food and get with the program people!"  
Emma Nicholl, 44

" My energy levels have improved and stomach issues have eased. I loved the menu plans, preparation detail and the recipes were fantastic. Yes I would definitely recommend this to others and already have. I think the meal plans and preparation guides are great and all the recipes were full of flavour. Honestly, I did not feel I was on a detox rather I just felt I was eating good, healthy food."
Anonymous Detoxer

" My sleep was much better and woke without feeling groggy. I certainly had more energy in the morning it has helped my skin clear. I loved the motivation to exercise alongside with the healthy eating but most importantly, the ongoing support provided.  Without a doubt I would recommend this to others! This program provided me with a deeper insight into my eating habits and the effects they were having on my body/overall health. Before the program I was a tad skeptical when it came to "clean eating" yet since having done the detox, the results have certainly proved me wrong. Despite the ups and downs throughout the detox, it without a doubt has been worth it. A huge thank you!"
Beth O'Connell, 28

" My relationship with food has changed after this detox. I'm much more aware of the health benefits of food and I don't crave "junk" as much. I'm actually enjoying eating food that has health and nutrition benefits. The plan was easy to follow, the support on the Facebook page was awesome. Recipes were easy and it was good to have the 'basic six' if you wanted to mix it up a bit. "
Liz Shaw, 27

" I feel so much better in myself, 100% better and sleeping 500% better.  My favourite part of the program was the food, experiencing new things and the way I feel, just so much better.  I loved Steph's daily support tips, they seemed to arrived just when I needed them!"
Nicky-Langford Jones, 51

" I feel better generally, sleeping better, more confidence, more concentration and motivated. I really enjoyed it, especially the recipes, and I feel the most body confident I have in a long time. I am definitely motivated to continue with such a healthy regime. Thanks Steph."
Kate Marizza, 27

" I would definitely recommend this program to others because I have found it great, easy to follow and made me feel better - especially better digestion and elimination. I loved the organised program where it is all worked out for me."
Anonymous detoxer

" Steph I feel fantastic, the recipes have been delicious and given me a really good kick start in the right direction. I don't feel fatigued like I did pre-detox and I've had the energy and motivation to exercise daily. My complexion looks better and I generally feel so much better in myself emotionally and physically! I've lost weight and have also noticed reduced stress and anxiety.  I'll definitely be sticking to most of these principles as much a s possible! Thanks for your support and information provided though out the plan, the added support and daily tips every step of the way was key for me."
Anonymous Detoxer

" I would definitely recommend this program to other because it works! The main differences I have noticed are a lack of bloating and I have a lot more energy. Particularly noticeable (compared to previously) in the early morning and evening. I loved that it was easy to follow, and more importantly easy to stick to. The recipes were also great."
Anonymous Detoxer

"My energy levels have increased, head fog has been eliminated, I have felt a lot calmer, bowel function improved and my bloating and burping ceased. The meal plan makes it easy, quick to prepare and the dishes taste great. The Facebook page and daily support and motivation is excellent. It is amazing the improvements you can make to your well being in such a short time. After a few days of detox headaches from caffeine, you start to feel wonderful. The food is tasty and filling. Thanks Steph!"
Jane Hamill, 48

" I have more energy, less bloated, and I used to often have reflux pain which has improved greatly. I loved having guidelines and recipes to follow. I would absolutely recommend this program to others! I feel healthier, less bloated, less sugar cravings. The recipes were tasty and easy to make. My stomach feels flatter and I've lost a few kilos too! Friends have commented that my skin looks great too!"
Sarah Wearne 45

" I have much more energy and duly sleepy at days end - I sleep SO well now. Weight loss was 7 kg but what I loved most is my new energy level, clearer thinking and less joints aching as a result."
Sue Davis 51

" I have more energy, I do not get really hungry and then binge eat in the afternoon, I enjoy cooking and it has given me more ideas for healthy yum recipes. I loved the variety of the foods, the recipes, and having something to focus on that I knew was going to improve my overall health. Steph kept in contact with us throughout the whole program and she gave us great support and advice to keep on track. I cant believe how much I have learnt about food in the past 3 weeks!!!"
Courtney Nash, 26

" I feel much better about what I've been eating - not snacking on junk. And realising I don't need caffeine to function has been fantastic - good bye daily Diet Coke. I loved the yummy recipes and realising that nuts / coconut milk / banana / oil etc aren't evil, but are nutritious, satisfying and filling! I will be continuing with this as I prefer living this way and learnt that saying no is a good and empowering thing - it's not depriving me, but freeing me from being unhealthy!!"
Georgia Hendry-Parsons, 29

" I was wanting to let you know how I loved the 21 day detox. I am feeling fantastic with heaps more energy and most beneficial is the confidence I have gained with my eating habits. I feel I have been introduced to a whole new way of eating and I am definitely feeling so much healthier in many ways. Thanks again Steph"
Anonymous detoxer

" My skin has felt much more hydrated, I've felt lighter and my digestion has been much better. I also lost 2kgs which was a great bonus! I felt my body was getting all of the nutrient that it needed to function well. I loved learning new recipes and I've always needed a 3pm sugar hit but I don't need it anymore! The recipes are delicious, and I will definitely keep using them. Steph was very helpful, and always available. I've also started cooking with ingredients I never had confidence with before, which has been great. Overall, it's a great way to do something positive for your body, break bad habits, reset your taste buds and lose some weight (which is always a bonus!)"
Megan Kennedy, 32

More recipes from the program:

Slow Baked Salmon with fennel00002.JPG