Solo Detoxer:
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Group Program:
October 7th 2019

"I cannot recommend this highly enough! Amazing meals, with constant group and personal support.  My skin glowed, my eyes were whiter and I slept like an angel. If you only do one thing for yourself this year - choose this."  

Emma Nicholl (previous detoxer)

What is the 21 Day Detox Program? It is an online program run by a qualified Nutritionist who has designed a safe and effective way to support your bodies natural detox system using wholefoods and delicious recipes. It includes weekly meal plans, recipes, workouts, recommended detox habits and an optional gift pack of protein powder and herbal tea (valued at $50.00). First 25 people to register receive a body brushing glove!

What do you cut out for this Detox? The 6 basic principles of the detox include:
No sugar or processed foods (a maximum of 2 pieces of fruit per day is allowed)
No gluten
No alcohol
No caffeine
No recreational drugs & smoking
No red meat and dairy (for phase I only, max 3 times per week in phase II)

The main focus of this program is the abundance of nutrients that ARE included in the program as opposed to the things listed above.

What results can I expect from this Detox? Results vary per individual but are most commonly reported as experiencing boundless energy, radiant skin, quality sleep, improved gut health, reduced excess body fat and increased enjoyment for cooking healthy food.

What is the cost:

  • New Detoxer: $180 (+ gift pack: $225)

  • Returning Detoxer: $110 (+ gift pack: $150) (see note below)
    **NOTE: returning detoxer only applies to people who have previously completed the detox in 2019. If you have completed one of Steph’s detoxes in 2016-2018 you cannot register as a previous detoxer as this is a completely new program.

What is the difference between doing a ‘solo’ detox and a ‘group’ detox?

The program is exactly the same either way, the difference is the amount of support you receive and the dates you can complete it. The group detox is run 4 x per year (twice in Summer and twice in Spring) and involves a private Facebook group where you hear from Steph herself every day and can chat with other detoxers for added support. The solo program can be completed anytime and only involves daily emails as support.


Why do a detox? Toxins are unavoidable in our world today; air pollution, chemicals on non-organic food, medication, plastic, fabrics, skin care products and the list goes on. Detoxification occurs naturally in our body every day to combat these toxins but poor diet, stress, lack of exercise and repeated exposure to the above mentioned toxins can make our detoxing organs sluggish. Detoxification is a complex process, it's one thing draw the toxins out, but there are essential factors needed to allow the biochemical processes to package and remove these toxins from the body. 

That is where this program is different! Steph will guide you every step of the way to successfully complete phase 1 (detoxification) and phase 2 (elimination) to ensure the full detox process is achieved. The program includes all of the essential nutrients, exercises, activities and products to ensure that toxins are successfully eliminated and are not left lurking around in your body.

*This detox is not appropriate for those who are breastfeeding, pregnant or currently attempting to conceive. 

*If you live outside of Australia please contact Steph for a quote on shipping costs.