21 Day Detox

Detoxing done differently! Say good bye to juice cleanses, extreme restriction, fasting, bland boring food, expensive supplements and unmaintainable habits. This detox program is all about real food, balanced meals, abundance of nutrients, delicious recipes and education and support for sustainable habits.

Discover our nutritionist designed 21 day detox program and support your body’s natural detoxification system. Join our solo or group programs below.

Solo Program:

Start whenever you are ready and complete in your own time!
(Same recipes as 2022 program)

Group Program:

Next program will be Spring 2024

"I cannot recommend this highly enough! Amazing meals, with constant group and personal support. My skin glowed, my eyes were whiter and I slept like an angel. If you only do one thing for yourself this year - choose this."


Emma Nicholl (previous detoxer)


What is the 21 Day Detox Program?

It is an online program run by a qualified Nutritionist who has designed a safe and effective way to support your body's natural detox system using wholefoods and delicious recipes. It includes weekly meal plans, recipes, workouts and recommended detox habits. 

Detox Meaning

Detoxification is a very natural and necessary process that is happening within our body every day. When we talk about ‘doing a detox’, many people think of restrictive juices cleanses but you won’t find anything like that here! The word detox is the way your body filters toxins out of it’s system and for this program we support this process through a comprehensive meal plan that focuses on nutrient dense wholefoods that can assist the elimination pathways. At Body Good Food, detoxing is never about abstaining and restricting yourself. Instead, the emphasis is always on enjoying an abundance of wholefoods. You can find out more about detoxes in our comprehensive blog post here.

What does this Detox diet include?

The main focus of this program is the abundance of nutrients that ARE included in the program as opposed to the things listed below. Recipes are seasonal and wholefood based with a large focus on vegetables and complemented with nuts, seeds, legumes, wholegrains, fish, tempeh, tofu, chicken, herbs, spices and broth.

The 6 basic principles of the detox diet include:

  • No sugar or processed foods (2 pieces of fruit per day is enjoyed)

  • No gluten

  • No alcohol

  • No caffeine

  • No recreational drugs & smoking

  • No red meat and dairy (for phase I only, max 3 times per week in phase II)

Whilst this might sound daunting to some, the recipes are incredibly delicious and common feedback is that you won’t even feel like you are on a detox as the food is so tasty!

What results can I expect from this Detox?

Results vary per individual but are most commonly reported as experiencing increased energy, glowing skin, quality sleep, improved gut health, reduced excess body fat, reduced sugar cravings and increased enjoyment for cooking healthy food. Click here to read the results of hundreds of participants.

I need a Liver Detox, is this program for me?

This program aims to support the entire body, but of course the liver has a large role to play in the detoxification process so some of the great liver detox foods included are:

  • Bitter foods: rocket, endive, mustard greens, grapefruit and dandelion root tea.

  • Beetroot

  • Turmeric

  • Garlic

  • Cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower Brussles sprouts)

  • Protein: Your liver can't detoxify without amino acids (chicken, eggs, meat, fish, tofu, tempeh, quinoa, legumes, lentils, nuts and seeds).

I need a Gut Detox, is this program for me?

All of the foods and lifestyle habits included in the program are extremely supportive of gut health with many giving feedback of:

  • Reduced bloating

  • Reduced stomach cramps

  • Improved bowel movements

  • Decreased burping and reflux

This program will be a great place to start if you are looking to improve your gut health.

You can find out more about improving gut health with our article here.

What is the cost:

  • New Detoxer: $247

  • Returning Detoxer: $127 (this is a discounted offer for those who have already done the program in 2022 or 2023 and would like to join again for the accountability and support).


What is the difference between doing a ‘solo’ detox and a ‘group’ detox

The program is exactly the same either way, the difference is the amount of support you receive and the dates you can complete it. The group detox is run 2-4 x per year (in Summer and in Spring) and involves a private Facebook group where you hear from Steph herself every day and can chat with other detoxers for added support. The solo program can be completed anytime and only involves daily emails as support.

"OMG- I thought l was very healthy before, but this has been a game changer for the better. l feel fantastic! I am tucking tops in because l don't have a pot belly- due to my improve digestive health and my bowel is functioning as it should be. l have more energy and my skin is glowing! l have regained my 'sleep' "YAY" and can now say I'm feeling refreshed, revitalised and energised."

- Wendy B.


How to detox?

Our detox program will guide you through step-by-step for 21 days and then provide support to reset your habits post the detox too. Basically, you’ll be eliminating certain foods and drinks for 21 days and following a diet plan that is rich in wholefoods. We don’t do detox juices, but rather a comprehensive program that is designed to support the biochemical pathways that actually breakdown and eliminate toxins. You can read about a sample day of detoxing from our nutritionist here.

Why do a detox?

Let’s be real here - this program is not going to do anything that your body isn’t already doing on it’s own - detoxing! Toxins are unavoidable in our world today; air pollution, chemicals on non-organic food, medication, plastic, fabrics, skin care products and the list goes on and detoxification occurs naturally in our body every day to combat these toxins. However, we know the body works best when fed the right fuel and nutrients it needs so by focusing on this throughout this program you will be supporting your bodies natural detoxification system which may not be as efficient as it could be.

Why does this program work?

The meal plans included have an abundance of plant foods created in such delicious recipes that you won’t even realise you are eating so many veggies! The meals are balanced with quality protein, healthy fats and a moderate amount of complex carbohydrates. The reason it works is because Steph guides you every step of the way to successfully complete the 21 days and provides advice for adjusting your diet and lifestyle post detox so that you can maintain a healthy balanced diet.

“It was such a simple plan to follow and the results have been outstanding for me. My skin feels and looks amazing. I don’t feel bloated and feel so light, the heaviness and fogginess has subsided. My energy levels are wonderful and I am sleeping right through the night. Incredible, thank you so much.” Ren B

*This detox is not appropriate for those who are breastfeeding, pregnant or currently attempting to conceive.

*If you live outside of Australia please contact Steph for a quote on shipping costs.



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