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After 12 years in the industry, Steph has transitioned from private practice to a successful career in culinary nutrition. Her impressive resume includes jobs she never knew were possible in a nutrition career like writing recipes for celebrity cookbooks, training chefs in Dubai about wholefood cooking, creating menu’s for worldwide cafe’s and food businesses, being flown in a private jet to learn about harvesting produce, being hand picked to work with one of the worlds leading online health programs and now partnering with iconic Australian brands like Miele, Farmers Union and Cobram Estate.

Steph is passionate about giving back to the industry and is willing to share all that she has learnt from her journey. Being mentored by Steph is a unique opportunity that could help fast track your career in nutrition. This opportunity is for you if you are feeling stuck or lost in moving forward with your career, if you feel like you are floundering trying to consolidate your ideas and if you just wish there was someone you could ask all of those burning questions you have. Steph’s open-book approach ensures a solid foundation for seizing the abundant opportunities in the nutrition industry.

Steph is currently taking a break from group mentoring for the remainder of 2023. Join the waitlist below to be updated when 2024 dates are released. To work with Steph 1:1 click on the button below to contact her. 



Below is a breakdown of the topics covered each week: (If you join my group program this changes slightly with each program as the course will be tailored specifically for the participants that join and what is most relevant and helpful for their career goals)


  • How to become a Nutritionist and Career Pathway options (including an extensive list of job examples and where to look for jobs)

  • Employment versus your own business (including how to do both)

  • Understanding and establishing your own brand

  • Identifying your target market and finding your niche


  • Making a business plan (including templates)

  • Registering and setting up your business (including qualifications, permits, insurances)

  • Tax obligations, accounting and bookkeeping

  • Taking payment

  • Client management and booking systems

  • Creating a killer bio and getting the perfect profile pic


  • Understanding branding and the required steps to build your brand

  • Income streams

  • How to set your prices

  • Industry insight: 1:1 consulting and examples of how to run a consult

  • Industry insight: working with brands including an example letter to reach out to brands and a guide for negotiating and setting out a partnership/agreement.


  • Setting up a website and the steps required to get one up and running

  • Website checklist for those who may already have one but need a re-fresh/update

  • Understanding buyer psychology and making sales

  • Creating content (how to, who for, where to publish, how to analyse it)

  • Spotlight: writing recipes

  • Spotlight: food photography for beginners

  • Copyright and referencing


  • Marketing 101 (what is it, avenues of marketing, marketing for launching products/services, DIY marketing, outsourcing marketing)

  • PR 101 (what is it, benefits of it, DIY PR, outsourcing PR)

  • Contracts and legalities (including how to read a contract, what should be included and a guide and template for how to set one up)


  • Time management and productivity tips

  • Overcoming self doubt and imposter syndrome

  • Professional development (how to keep up to date, where to find free resources)

  • Wrap up and action plan template for achieving your goals going on from the program

Structure of the program: 100% online.

Who is this program for: Anyone who is early in their career in the nutrition or health professional field and is looking for ways to navigate and increase opportunities for work, build their profile and start or re-fresh their business.

Note: This program does not include nutrition education or clinical nutrition guidance.

What is the time commitment per week: Each week will involve 1-2 hours of content and activities. If you join the group program there is also a weekly 45 minute Live Q&A session, and 2-3 guest expert live sessions hosted across the 6 weeks.

What does the program cost? The financial investment for the program is $395 AUD. If you upgrade to receive 1:1 support, the cost is $895 AUD.



I found the course content really valuable and it will be very applicable as I set up my business. Steph was very helpful and always made sure to answer any questions we may have had if they were not covered in the course content. I particularly enjoyed the live sessions and I loved connecting with the other new nutritionists/soon-to-be nutritionists.


— Emma Wengier

The program covered all the areas and questions i had about setting up a nutrition coaching business. I loved how the activities set out got you thinking about your why and where you were headed and put you in a good headspace for setting the business up in the direction you wanted it to go. The content was easy to follow, the guest speakers and resources super helpful. Steph’s encouragement and advice throughout it has been invaluable and has given me the boost of confidence i needed to start putting a plan into action.


— Nicole Davidson

The mentoring program with Steph was really helpful for me to bridge that gap between studying and moving into the industry. I had been dragging my feet on a lot of tasks I needed to get on top of to get my business and this program really gave me the motivation and useful tips to do that. I also really enjoyed connecting with the other mentees and we have a good little community now! Steph has really been a great mentor and very generous with her knowledge and time.


— Labrini Kianidis

Steph provided a wealth of information and knowledge on how to set up a successful nutrition business and also organised several speakers to talk to us about various aspects of running a business, such as social media, marketing and finance and bookkeeping. I loved seeing the behind the scenes experience, which provided a great insight into life as a Nutritionist. We were also provided with an opportunity to network and meet with other nutrition students, which was a highlight of the program.

— Kate Langdon

After completing the content the fire in my belly returned to create a business i am confident can thrive. I valued the information on overcoming self doubt and skills to increase productivity most. After the many years of study and an hiatus to have my babies this program definitely delivered valuable information in helping me decide where i wanted to take my skills in the world of nutrition

— Allira Greeley

Being mentored by Steph is exactly what I needed. Steph is a wealth of knowledge. She has given me confidence and actionable steps to take in my business, I am so excited for what’s to come. I am incredibly grateful to have been mentored by someone with such a kind heart and someone who has first hand experience in the nutrition industry! Thanks for all your tips & advice.

— Stacey Hatfield

This course is fantastic, no matter where you are at in your nutrition career, I highly recommend it! It covers real-life, relevant and practical content for budding nutritionists, with helpful and supportive resources provided every step of the way. Steph has connected me with a network of like-minded nutritionists, as well as helping me to develop a clear understanding of what is required to succeed within the nutrition industry.

— Tracy Davies

Steph has throughly summarised her years of experience into an actionable and useful program, that extends beyond the 6 weeks. I have enjoyed hearing Steph share her insider knowledge of the field whilst giving out some great advice. Having a group setting also inspired me to challenge my own skills and knowledge, as well as create a new professional support network.

— Tiana Chandraratne

This program has helped lay out a logical and organised plan to know how to move forward and grow my business.

— Shanya Soussan

Such a great program! I loved all the practical tips Steph gave and the ability for us to ask any questions we had. I couldn’t recommend this any higher for nutrition grads that aren’t sure which path to take next!

— Zara Dekker

The program was really thorough covering every step you’d need in starting your own business. The FB lives with the experts were really interesting and the included links and resources provided lots of extra tips & tricks. I also liked the templates and examples of real bios etc to show us how it’s done.

— Lauren Pacella


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