Steph is not only a registered Nutritionist but also LOVES quality food. Her passion lies in working with brands to help encapsulate their story, products and associated nutritional value. As a brand advocate, Steph works her magic to inspire and educate consumers to choose the brand in their daily nutrition through a very genuine and informative approach.

Steph specialises in an area known as culinary nutrition where she aims to turn her nutrition knowledge into a delicious and nourishing plate of food for her community. She does this through educating and inspiring others with practical cooking skills and having an understanding about nutritional value but also enjoyment and appreciation of quality food.

As a qualified Nutritionist, Steph can provide an expert voice for your brand and offers recipe development, content creation and workshops which will help consumers and other health professionals understand why it should be their healthy everyday choice.

“We had some fantastic campaign results. Highest sales since launch, and importantly massive consumer engagement levels with some really positive feedback via social. Thanks for all the work you put in- it was amazing!” The Culture Co - Probiotic Kefir