Homemade & Healthy Christmas Gifts

There is something special about a homemade gift and even though they say it's the thought that counts, when someone has gone to the effort to make something for me I always appreciate it more. Likewise, when someone has really thought about me when deciding on their gift and given something they know I love. So here are some great gift ideas for those foodie friends and family in your life.

Recipe Books

Thinking of healthy meal ideas is the number one reason I hear from my clients for why they don't eat as healthy as they would like to. So why not spoil someone with up to 100 new recipes they can add to their collection. These are my current favourites.

From left to right: Neighbourhood (Hetty McKinnon), Everyday Superfoods (Jamie Oliver), Feel Good Food (Valli Little), Life in Balance (Donna Hay).  

Kitchen Essentials

There's ones you can't live without, (well I can't live without anyway - mandolin slicer :P) and there's ones that are a nice addition for a special occasion. From left to right: Mandolin slicer (hello zucchini noodles), walnut cracker (beautiful when given with some fresh farmers market walnuts), funky salad servers (can be paired with a bottled jar of your favourite homemade salad dressing), recycled timber chopping/serving board (from the best around - Rawk & Wood).   

Tea & Homemade Chocolate

The perfect gift for those tea lovers out there, but also for the anyone else because everyone should make time in their life to sit down for tea and chocolate :P Featured below is the Dandelion Chai from Love Tea and try my homemade chocolate here

Gingerbread Granola

I would make this just for the smell of the house when it's baking, let alone how delicious it tastes. A super simple way to give a gift they will never forget (and be asking for the recipe which you can find here!). 

Brown Sugar Body Scrub  

Scrubs are all the rage at the moment but did you know they are cheap and super easy to make yourself? Give it a go and be sure to make an extra batch for yourself.

150g Brown Sugar
150g Sea Salt
1/3 cup Macadamia Oil
8-10 drops of essential oils (optional but I used a Christmas blend of orange, clove and cinnamon)

Combine ingredients in a bowl and transfer to individual jars to be gifted. 
Instructions: Rub over your skin in a circular motion before rinsing. Will keep in a sealed container for 6 months.