30 Nutrition Tips I Live By At 30

As I say goodbye to my twenties there is a lot to reflect on but one thing that has certainly evolved over the years is my nutrition. I can confidently say I have an extremely balanced and nutrient rich diet right now and this has resulted from making a lot of small changes over many years. My relationship with food is very positive but I think no matter what stage you are at in life this is always a work in progress as there is no perfection. One important thing about my nutrition now is that it is also flexible depending on what I feel my body needs and what is happening in my social and work life. Sometimes there are more social occasions happening so there might be some more indulging going on, or if work is full on then perhaps I make more of an effort with my nutrition to support the added stress. I always come back to equilibrium though and for me equilibrium involves the following….


1. Eat minimum 5 serves of vegetables every day

2. Include dark leafy greens wherever possible

3. Drink minimum 2L water (includes caffeine free herbal tea)

4. Eat dark chocolate most days (90%)

5. Eat fruit regularly but not too much

6. Don’t bother peeling most vegetables

7. Include microgreens, herbs and spices as much as possible

8. Try to have at least 3 vegetable based breakfasts a week

9. Keep protein portions to a palm size

10. Include at least 2 plant based dinners per week

11. Eat as many different foods a day as possible

12. Include at least 2 fish based meals each week (mainly oil fish or wild caught)

13. Eat a maximum 1 serve of red meat per week or fortnight  

14. Choose organic or at least grass fed where possible

15. Include grains and legumes often

16. Add fermented veggies to meals as a condiment

17. Drink kefir regularly

18. Use bone broth in soups, stews and hot chocolate

19. Eat nuts and seeds daily

20. Eat until satisfied but not feeling full

21. Chew well and eat slowly

22. Drink Green Tea regularly

23. Drink coffee irregularly if at all

24. Enjoy a red wine with a meal in social settings

25. Cook from scratch when possible

26. Have tinned/canned/frozen pre-cooked food for emergencies

27. Cook for friends and family often

28. Source and eat food that is locally grown

29. Support farmers and small businesses

30. Eat food for enjoyment, regardless of nutritional value