Quick, Easy and Tasty Lunch Bowls

Bored with the old tuna and salad lunch? That was actually one of the main reasons I got into recipe development. I had so many clients saying they ate tuna and salad for lunch, which of course can be a healthy option, but when I asked if they were bored of it, it was always an astounding YES! So I’d start writing down my own lunches to share with them - because in my opinion eating healthy food must be enjoyable if it is to be a lifelong habit. So here I’m sharing my tips on how I keep my lunches so good that I actually cannot wait until it’s lunchtime to eat them!

It’s all about variety so follow my steps below for the ultimate lunch bowl!

Quick, EASY & TASTY LUNCH BOWLS Infographic.png

Meal prepping is a great way to ensure you have a healthy lunch on hand and can include prepping whole salads or just ingredients like roasted veggies, cut up raw veggies or salad dressing. We can tend to be creatures of habit however and meal prep the same things all of the time. If this is you then try to mix up your meal prep each week so you’re always incorporating lots of diversity into your diet.