Seminar Topics

Nutrition for Stress: Stress can play havoc with many bodily systems however there are ways we can support a stressed body with nutrition. Learn the best tips and tricks to keep stress under control.

Gut/Mood/Brain Health: Gut health is so important when it comes to nutrition. You will learn what the relationship is between nutrition and gut health and the best strategies to improve your gut bacteria balance.

Veg It Up: The importance of reaching the recommended servings of vegetables per day should not be underestimated! Eating more veggies is the number one thing all Australians should be doing to improve their health and in this session you will learn easy, practical and seriously delicious ways to do this!

De-bunking Food Myths: Coffee boosts our metabolism, red wine is good for our heart, we have to eat dairy to get calcium…these are just some of the topics we discuss when we de-bunk the common food myths.

Mindful Eating: Being mindful when eating has been shown to have numerous benefits for our health. Here we look what it means to eat mindfully, how to do it and what benefits we might experience.

Sustainable Eating: Learn how to develop some easy, affordable and sustainable eating habits that will not only improve your own health but also benefit the health of our planet.

Spotlight on Sugar: The science and research behind sugar broken down into easy to digest information with practical tips for how to combat cravings and still enjoy sweets that aren’t loaded with the sweet stuff.

What is Balance?: We are always told to that a balanced diet is key, but what does this mean? What should we eat, what should we avoid and how much is too much?

The Food Groups: With a variety of diets that cut out particular food groups becoming popular today, we hone in on the food groups, what their benefits are and which ones we should include in what quantities.

Re-Set your Health Goals: This session encourages a mindset shift from a focus on weight loss and physical attributes to understanding more about your own relationship with food and that ‘healthy’ looks different on everyone. Very popular with women!

How to Meal Plan: Meal planning takes a lot of stress out of someone’s week but many don’t know if they are getting the right balance of meals. In this session you will be guided through planning a 7 day meal plan to minimise shopping and cooking time and to ensure the plan is nutritionally balanced.

OR create your own seminar or workshop.. Provide a brief and we can tailor any seminar or workshop to the interests and goals of the attendees.

Cooking Classes, Demonstrations and Tastings

Cooking Classes: You can come to us or we can come to you. Steph offers cooking classes for up to 8 people at her home in Edithvale where you get to enjoy a full foodie experience with a brand new kitchen, veggie patches, a sneak peek into her pantry and a 5 course lunch. Alternatively, if your space has full kitchen facilities we can tailor a class to be held at your venue.

Cooking Demonstrations: Depending on your brief we will select a number of recipes to be demonstrated and samples to be enjoyed by all attendees. Think smoothies, bliss balls, muesli, salads and more.

Tastings: Tastings can be added on to any seminar or workshop which involves the food samples being pre-made and just brought in to be enjoyed post seminar or workshop.

Contact Steph for more details and costs.