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Nutrition Mindset: With the overwhelming amount of advice about what it means to eat healthy, many people have a ‘good versus bad’ approach when it comes to food. Steph aims to transform the way you think about food and help you reach a healthy relationship with food where you worry less about calories and more about the wonderful joy food can bring - whilst still keeping things balanced and healthy.


Get To Know Your Gut: Gut health is a very trending topic and for good reason as it is related to all other aspects of our health including immune, hormone, brain and mental health. You will learn what the relationship is between nutrition and gut health, what a ‘'healthy gut’’ actually means, and the best strategies to improve your gut bacteria balance.

Nutrition, Mood & Mental Health: Discover the latest science on the link between nutrition and our mental health. Steph will discuss the landmark studies in this area, how food affects our mental health and what type of foods are best for supporting mental health.

Nutrition for Stress: Stress can play havoc with many bodily systems however there are ways we can support a stressed body with nutrition. Learn about the connection between stress, the gut and our food and get the best tips and tricks to combat stress from the kitchen!

Nutrition & Immunity: Nutrition is an incredible way to support your immune system so in this session Steph will talk you through which foods are best for this and show you some delicious recipes to get these foods into your diet throughout the Winter months!

Veg It Up: The importance of reaching the recommended servings of vegetables per day should not be underestimated! Eating more veggies is the number one thing all Australians should be doing to improve their health and in this session you will learn easy, practical and seriously delicious ways to do this!


What is Balance?: We are always told to that a balanced diet is key, but what does this mean? In this session Steph will break down the details about what we should eat most, what we should eat least and how much is too much. Most importantly though, Steph will show you how to apply that in your own kitchen and every day eating so that you can eat healthy and enjoy it too!

Busy Bee Nutrition: Busy schedules don’t always feel like they accommodate for eating healthy but Steph will completely change your mindset about this with her incredible tips for eating healthy when you are very short on time!

Budget Friendly Cooking: Eating a nutritious diet doesn’t have to hurt the bank account! Hear Steph’s super practical and budget friendly tips and tricks about making healthy eating affordable but still enjoyable!

Heart Health Nutrition: What you eat can have a significant impact on heart and cardiovascular health. In this session Steph will cover the latest guidelines around heart health and how you can turn your fridge and pantry into a nutritional medicine cabinet for your ticker!

De-bunking Food Myths: Gluten free, fasting, collagen, coffee… whilst all these trending topics are getting a lot of media coverage, the science tells a different story! Let’s de-bunk some food myths and commonly asked questions in this eye opening session!

Waste Free Cooking & Sustainable Eating: Learn some great tips for wasting less in the kitchen and how to create delicious meals out of bits and bobs you would usually throw in the bin! We talk about eating with the seasons, storing and prepping food correctly, using whole foods to cook with and kitchen hacks for simple and waste free cooking.

Spotlight on Sugar: The science and research behind sugar broken down into easy to digest information with practical tips for how to combat cravings and still enjoy sweets that aren’t going to send your blood sugar levels into a spin!

Festive Season Nutrition: The festive season is a time to be enjoyed but can often come with some indulgences. In this session we will break down some easy and simple ways to keep your nutrition balanced throughout the festive season without losing the wonderful enjoyment food can bring when celebrating with others.

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