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There seems to be an appliance or kitchen tool for everything these days! Any trip to the shops you will see the assortment of products available from air fryers to avocado savers, the list is never ending. A lot of these gadgets are super cute and quite handy, but it can be pretty easy to go overboard. If you are wanting to keep your kitchen minimal or are just starting out, then you must read below for my kitchen essentials!

No Kitchen is complete without one of these babies! I seem to use mine daily, from making zucchini noodles (zoodles) to perfectly julienned carrots or simply just shaving cabbage super fine (because no one likes big chunks of cabbage!). Not only does it make food so aesthetically pleasing (#instaworthy), but they are also so efficient and definitely a time saver. Just make sure to buy one with a guard and actually use it! 

Slow Cooker
There’s nothing quite like opening the front door and smelling the beautiful aromas from a slow cooker. I love using mine from a convivence point of view, I simply chuck in the ingredients of a morning, go about my day and end up with a beautiful home cooked meal come dinner time. Not only are they convenient but are also cost efficient since they are more economical than the oven and you can also use cheaper off cuts of meat. Slow cookers are also fantastic at preserving nutrients. Win, win and win! 
If you want to learn more about how best to use your slow cooker click here.

Good Quality Pans
Investing in good quality pans makes all the difference. I personally use solidteknics which are made in Australia, they are non-toxic, healthy, sustainable and multi-century durable. These are a must in any kitchen! The key with good pans is to look after them well. We season our pan regularly and follow the care instructions after every use because they really are an investment for the long term.

Food Storage Bags
These have been such a gamechanger. I am very conscious of being more sustainable, especially when it comes to food. You can use these to store left over food, keep leafy greens more fresh, store freezer meals and to pack snacks in my handbag. As a result, I am having less food waste as produce is fresher for longer and there is no longer the need for single use plastic. I love the versatility of these, and they really have become a staple in my house. You can find these from Sustomi

Food Covers
As well as Sustomi food storage bags, I also use their reusable food covers - both the silicon and beeswax wraps. They easily stretch over bowls, cups and plates to keep food fresh. Say goodbye to Cling Wrap and hello to sustainable food covers! I use them a lot over leftover meals to store in the fridge or for wrapping half avocadoes etc. I also find them handy when I am transporting food.

Silicon Baking Moulds 
These make life so much easier! These come in all different shapes and sizes and you can pick and choose depending on your needs. Personally, I bake a lot of loafs and muffins, so have shaped moulds for these. It makes clean up so easy! And let’s be real that’s the worst part of cooking right!? I also have moulds for making chocolate like my homemade peanut butter chocolate. Not only are they handy when cooking but they are also fantastic to use in the freezer, I like to pour leftover broths in the moulds and then have individual portions to use on hand. 

A thermos is an essential in my eyes, especially now that we are in winter. I love to use mine for transporting herbal teas and beautiful homemade soups such as my barley and lentil soup. Having a thermos is just so cozy and comforting and ready to warm you up on those cold days! I’ll never forget after giving birth to my baby boy and my husband brought me in some nourishing dahl in my thermos so I didn’t have to eat the awful hospital food - it was heaven!

High Speed Blender/Food Processer
I personally use a thermomix for all my blending needs. But I really do believe any kind of high speed blender is essential in all kitchens! From smoothies to soups, they are the biggest time saver out! Now that I have a little one who will soon enough be starting solids, a blender is certainly going to make life that little bit easier!

These are some of my essentials and that’s not to say I don’t love the odd gadget here and there, but these are key kitchen tools in my eyes and what I use almost every day! I’d love to see in the comment below what your kitchen must haves are?  

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