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Protein pancakes are a regular breakfast option for me when I know I need a breakfast that will keep me feeling fuller for longer than usual (ie. if I have a late morning meeting that will likely go over time or I’m presenting a lunchtime seminar so lunch will be delayed). It’s also perfect for mornings after I do a strength workout as it it is packed with protein.

These pancakes are not created to be a light fluffy weekend brunch pancake (although you will find those pancakes here), they are a dense pancake where the flavour comes from what you serve it with. With 2 eggs for a great protein hit, and flaxseed meal plus coconut flour for fibre you’re ticking two boxes that are often missed at breakfast time. You can keep them savoury and serve with wilted greens, avocado and hummus or like I have here, serve on the sweet side with kefir, strawberries and mint.

I have not used a sweetener but feel free to add a touch of honey/maple syrup or stir through some berries if you need to make more palatable for kids.

What are protein pancakes?

Protein pancakes are a twist on the traditional cake-like breakfast that is often made with refined flours and a generous amount of sugar and then topped with sugary syrup and ice-cream and tends to leave you with a sugar crash shortly after eating them. Instead, protein pancakes are a healthy version of the breakfast cake made using wholefood ingredients and ensuring adequate protein which the traditional recipe lacks. My protein pancakes are a great dose of fibre too ensuring that they’ll keep you full and satisfied for longer. 

How to add protein to pancakes? 

Adding protein to your pancakes will help to keep you feeling full and will also banish the sugar crash that can occur after consuming traditional pancakes. Here are some easy ways to add protein to a pancake recipe you might already love: 

  • Top with kefir/yoghurt instead of maple syrup

  • Add cottage cheese or ricotta to your batter

  • Replace some of the flour in your batter with almond meal or flaxseed meal

  • Use protein powder in your batter

  • Top your pancakes with nuts and seeds

How much protein should you eat a day? 

Protein is one of our essential macronutrients and is needed for building and repairing muscles and bones, as well as hormones and enzymes and also provides satiety to help keep up feeling fuller for longer. In general, you should try to get a palm-sized amount of protein in at each mealtime. To find out more about protein, I’ve got a whole article about it here.

How much fibre do I need a day? 

If you’re a fan of my blog you’ll know that I make a real fuss about fibre. Fibre is essential for our digestive system and assists in reducing the risk of developing chronic health conditions like heart disease, cancer and diabetes. The general guidelines are 25g/day for females and 30g/day for males. Check out my article on fibre sources here and why I make a fuss about fibre too.

How to make protein pancakes

Serves 1 (makes 2 pancakes)


2 eggs
1/3 cup milk
1 tablespoon flaxseed meal
1 tablespoon coconut flour
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon


Whisk the eggs and milk together and then stir in the flaxseed meal, coconut flour and cinnamon. Heat a pan to medium heat and pour the mixture into two pancakes (spread out with a spoon if you need to). Cook for 2-3 minutes and then flip and cook for a further 1-2 minutes.

Serve with desired toppings.

How to make pancakes with protein powder? 

You can use any type of protein powder to make these pancakes. You can substitute the flaxseed meal for the same amount of protein powder or add both for an extra hit (you will need more liquid if you use both). 

Banana Protein Pancakes

Another variation on this recipe is to use bananas in your pancakes. All you need to do is mash a ripe banana and fold it through your batter (you may need more liquid). The banana is a good source of sweetness and an additional source of fibre as well a good course of potassium and vitamin B6.

Chocolate Protein Pancakes

If you like your breakfast a little sweeter you can still indulge with these pancakes. Use a chocolate flavoured protein powder or add a couple of teaspoons of cacao powder into the batter for an extra kick (I would suggest adding a sweetener like maple syrup or honey to balance out the bitterness of the cacao).


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