20 Immune Supporting Foods You Want In Your Diet ASAP!

In the Winter I get asked a lot what the best foods are for boosting immunity and most of the time the people asking are already unwell. The trick is to start eating immune supporting foods right now so that you’re better able to prevent illness instead of being stuck just treating it. these foods won’t stop you from getting a cold or a flu this Winter but they will definitely reduce your chances and also may reduce the severity and length of time you are sick if you do get struck down.

If you’re more of a ‘hold my hand’ type of person and want me to tell you exactly what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner then my 12 Day Cleanse would be perfect for you and it just so happens my next program kicks off next Monday 20th May. The meals are so delicious my mouth is watering just thinking about them!

Below I have listed foods that are high in Vitamin C, Vitamin D and zinc, three important micronutrients for supporting the activity of our essential immune cells. There are also foods high in omega-3 fats because these fats have anti-inflammatory properties also strengthen immune function. Other foods are included due to their anti-inflammatory or anti-viral properties and many foods are listed because studies have shown they are best for gut health. This last point is particularly important because up to 80% of our immune cells are located within our gastrointestinal tract and it is where immune cells learn when to initiate a response (eg. unwanted pathogen) versus when not to initiate a response (our own healthy tissue).

20 foods to start including in your diet today (in conjunction with HEAPS of vegetables obviously :P)

  1. Red capsicum (raw)

  2. Broccoli (cooked)

  3. Berries

  4. Brussels sprouts (raw)

  5. Oysters

  6. Organic beef

  7. Pumpkin Seeds

  8. White/navy Beans

  9. Sardines

  10. Walnuts

  11. Flaxseeds

  12. Eggs

  13. Garlic (raw)

  14. Turmeric (fresh)

  15. Shiitake Mushrooms

  16. Bone Broth

  17. Kefir

  18. Manuka Honey

  19. Fermented Veggies

  20. Oregano

Now there are two other things that MUST be adhered to for the most efficient immune system:

  1. Sleep: aim for 7-8 hours per night minimum.

  2. Stress management: reduce as much as possible.

If you do get struck down this Winter then some of my favourite supplements for natural support include Armaforce, Olive Leaf Extract, Armaforce Throat Spray, Vitamin C and Zinc.